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A little About us…

PTD is a husband & wife partnership. Perrie Thomas - Full time Photographer, part time Artist, Graphic Designer & all time Coffee consumer & Brooklyn Thomas - 2nd Photographer, Accounts Manager, coffee maker... They live, work and play together thus forming a cohesive and formidable team. (that’s us pictured below on our wedding day…) Formerly from Adelaide we are now based on a small hobby farm near Mount Gambier in the picturesque & lush forestry and dairy farm dominated South East of SA. This allows us to escape the rat race of the city & keep us sane, but also allows us to service not only Mount Gambier and the Limestone Coast, but also Adelaide to Melbourne and beyond as we re centrally located…

“do you only shoot weddings?” No!

Weddings, families, new borns, cake smashes, engagements, private functions, graduations, cats, cows & butterflies… this list is endless. We own a lot of camera equipment and we use it! Photography is a form of creative/artistic expression & story telling but it’s also a trouble shooting game. Imagining an image and figuring out how to create and capture it correctly & creatively requires an understanding of light, that which is constantly changing, especially in an outdoor setting. Sunrises, Sunsets, Star filled or lightening lit nights and all manner or flora, fauna & people in any of those settings provides a constant source of material to hone the craft. The skills learnt & developed in those environments lend themselves perfectly to wedding photography as the light, scenes & moments are constantly changing and those moments may pass in a second… With those skills, shooting a natural & photojournalistic style, our aim is to capture raw emotions. The laughing, the crying, all the beautiful moments & shenanigans… images that will remind you exactly how you felt, in that moment. Images that convey that emotion to anyone who views them, images that will be cherished for generations to come...

“Do you travel?”

Constantly! ‘Based’ in Mount Gambier doesn’t mean ‘restricted’ to Mount Gambier. We primarily & regularly shoot Locally & in Adelaide but to date we have been West to capture love & experience the charm and architecture Fremantle, WA. East to the sugarcane adorned, subtropical ‘humid’ beauty of Bundaberg, QLD & South to the picturesque, seaside playground that is the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. We love to travel to new and exciting destinations, meet new people & sharing their stories. It’s up to you as to where we go next… I hear Tassie is nice… wink wink

“do you have printed images available?”

YES! Prints in various forms, (archival quality matt prints and canvases) of both Original artworks and all non wedding images posted here on the site are all available to purchase. Simply make contact to discuss sizes and prices to adorn your walls!

Well thats us in a nutshell…

any questions? please just ask, answers are free of charge

Cheers, P & B