Ghost Mushrooms under the Milky Way, Mount Gambier, South Australia. Copyright Perrie Thomas 2018

Ghost Mushrooms under the Milky Way, Mount Gambier, South Australia. Copyright Perrie Thomas 2018


Ghost Mushroom Guided Photography Tours - 2019 Season

Starting at the beginning on the 2019 ‘Ghost Mushroom’ Season, (Aprox. May / June) I will be providing very limited opportunities for both beginner & enthusiast photographers to join me in groups of 2-3 on a unique, hands on, guided photography tour to Ghost Mushroom Lane to hopefully learn the basic skills to capture this natural bio luminescent wonder!

Bring your camera and be guided through the manual settings required to capture your own slice of the ghost mushroom pie (Disclaimer - please do not make mushroom pies out of ghost mushrooms, they are highly toxic!!!)

Expressions of interest are being taken at this stage until the final details & fees are worked out, but it will be first in first served so don’t hesitate to inquire via the CONTACT US page using the subject “ghost Mushrooms” to get your name on the standby list.

What you will need to bring:

WARM CLOTHING - Water Proof is better, it will be Autumn/Winter. Mushrooms only grow after it rains, so it will be damp. A small Picnic blanket or drop sheet may serve you well as you will be sitting on the forest floor for long periods.

SNACKS & DRINKING WATER - You will be wandering in the forest in the dark for a few hours, and you will be a substantial distance from McDonalds for a few hours…

SMALL TORCH - Again, night time, forest, dark… you get the picture. Enough light to see your way around BUT not too much light as to interfere with other photographers on the same mission as us!


- A DSLR CAMERA is all but essential as you will be taught to use full Manual settings and create long exposures. Get familiar with the 3 basic settings required, ISO, Aperture and Speed / timing, being able to adjust the 3 settings in the dark will be advantageous! FIND THOSE BUTTONS PEOPLE!!!

- A LENS with a minimum aperture of f2.8 or faster (f/1.2, f/1.4, f/1.8 and f/2.0) If your not sure, look at the writing on the front of your lens. Kit lens’ are NOT suitable as they generally begin at f/3.5 and will not let enough light in to capture a usable images. *Provision MAY be made to hire a lens for the tour - TBA

- SMALL TRIPOD or camera bean/sand bag to mount or rest your camera on. you will be placing your camera very low to the ground to get a good angle and composition. Long exposure requires your camera to be dead still for long periods.

- REMOTE TRIGGER (RF or Cable) NOT essential but preferable depending on you camera model as you will be operating your camera in BULB mode to create a long exposures.

As a bonus, providing the conditions are favourable, (no clouds and no full moon) the above basic training will allow you to delve into basic astro photography as well so we will hopefully tackle that as part of the tours.

At this stage Post Production of your images will not be covered as part of the tour BUT may be an ‘add on’ at some point. I shoot exclusively in RAW format and require software to process the image (eg. Adobe Lightroom) Access to appropriate software may be limited by some clients, and as such you may be only shooting in .jpg mode allowing the camera to process the image for you - TBA on this.

That’s the basics for now but this page will be updated as required including cost & available spots. Realistically, dates can not be booked until its confirmed that the season has begun and there are ACTUALLY Ghost Mushrooms to photograph!

Looking forward to you all getting images like the one above to take home and brag about!


for further info on the Ghost Mushroom Lane please follow the link Below…