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Introduction to Light Painting - NEW MOON EVENT #1

Introduction to Light Painting - NEW MOON EVENT #1 - Mount Gambier

You’ve seen those amazing light painting images all over social media, you may have even had a crack waving you iphone or fairy lights around and created some cool images… it was fun wasn’t it!… BUT you ask “how on earth do you do that???” Let me show you how!!!

We will cover: Long Exposure Camera Settings, Correct Focusing techniques, Creative Composition and ‘light art’ created by myself and of course YOU!

Why a ‘NEW MOON’ event??? A new moon rises during the day, meaning ZERO light pollution created by the moon at night thus allowing extended long exposures and larger light painting creations… once you have the basics sorted, jump into the advanced FULL MOON event* where we will create seemingly ‘shot in daylight’ light painting masterpieces…


  • A Camera capable of FULL MANUAL SETTINGS, you wont be afraid of the M setting ANY LONGER!

  • A remote or Hard Wired Shutter release or Trigger

  • A Tripod

  • Many Layers of clothing - Its winter, it will be cold, i’m not your mother, dress appropriately people! Ugg boots will attract bonus points…

  • The willingness to run around like a 5 year old after a happy meal and red cordial… if you don’t want to have fun, don’t apply…

Group Sizes will be capped to ensure I am able to hold everyones hand and guide them through the process and no one is left out.

The workshop will run for about 2 - 3 hours, allowing you to competently ‘drive’ your camera in Manual mode and confidently follow setting instructions and a few hours of practical application ie. the afore mentioned 5 year old behaviour… I will supply a box full of my custom made light painting tools for everyone to play with.

$150 pp Single Session (Single New moon or Full moon Workshop)

$250 pp Double Session (New and Full Moon Workshop)


APPLY/BOOK NOW or Register your interest for future workshops…

(*multiple event booking discounts apply)